Available Vegetable Seeds

A seed packet contain 10 to 20 minimum seeds for large seeds or 1/4 teaspoon for tiny seeds, or as labeled.

Each seed packet is $3.00

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Current Vegetable Seed Stocks (Updated 4/27/2019):
  • Saluyot (Egyptian Spinach/Bush Okra)
  • Philippine Lady Finger Okra
  • Kundol/Winter Wax Melon, Oblong
  • Lablab or Parda or Bataw Beans/Green Hyacinth Bean
  • Burgundy Red Okra
  • Super Sugar Snap Peas
  • Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans (OUT OF STOCK)
  • Ampalaya Mix/Bitter Melon (OUT OF STOCK)
  • Kalabasa/Kabocha Pumpkin Squash (OUT OF STOCK)

Since our seeds are grown by volunteer growers around the San Jose CA area, we are unable to guarantee that our seeds will work for your soil and weather conditions outside USDA Zone 9B. Though we try our best to prevent cross pollination, many of our growers work in smaller backyard gardens rather than farms/greenhouses so there is a chance with some crops to cross pollinate with neighboring gardens. If you find that your crop looks completely different after grow out, please contact Sari Sari Gardens so we may halt the sale of that specific seed lot for evaluation. With your effort, we can help provide better quality seeds and better service. Also, please make sure to give a correct USPS address for delivery. We are not liable for delivery to incorrect addresses and because of our limited stocks we are unable replace lost seeds.