Seed Trials Exchange Program (S.T.E.P.)

Our Seed Trials Exchange Program is FREE to volunteer growers. We do not collect membership fees or charge for seedlings or seeds given in the program.

Requirements for Seed Trials Exchange Program:
  • 1+ Years Experience in Gardening (with some exceptions)
  • Dedicated growing area (Raised Bed, Weed Free Ground, Large Containers)
  • Reliable water source (Watering Can, Faucet, Hose)
  • 6 to 8+ hours sunlight at grow site (no trees, fences or walls)
S.T.E.P has 3 specific meetings/visits:
  1. Planting Site Evaluations and Seed/Seedling Exchange. Staff at Sari Sari Gardens will help you determine what unique and preferred vegetable crops you can grow for your site.
  2. Maintenance Lessons: How to care for crops. Pest and Disease Treatments. Harvesting tips.
  3. Seed Saving Lessons: Learning how to harvest, cure and store seeds & donating back to the seed bank.
S.T.E.P. is a cooperative style program that seeks to improve Filipino/Asian food crops to become adaptive/resilient in our zone 9B climate. Saving locally grown seeds means easier access to these harder to find varieties as they will get use to our soil and climate conditions.

S.T.E.P. is essential to build up seed stock for Sari Sari Gardens. By joining S.T.E.P. you help educate the local Filipino, Filipino-American and non-Filipino communities on the importance of a diet & garden that includes Filipino and Asian vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits.

For more information on S.T.E.P. please refer to our CONTACT US page.

Seed trails for 2020 (updated 01/14/2020)
1) Long Bottle Gourd/Upo
2) "Scarlet Emperor" Scarlet Runner Bean
3) "Lady Godiva" Naked Seed Pumpkin/Squash
4) "Bonanza" Angled Sponge Gourd/Patola
5) Oblong Winter Wax Melon/Kundol
6) "Charentais" Melon (Cantaloupe Type)
7) Philippine Lady Finger Okra
8) "Philippine Green/Purple" Hyacinth Bean/Lablab, Bataw, Parda Bean
9) Yardlong Bean Mix
10) "Day Neutral" Winged Bean/Sigarilyas
11) Bush Okra or Egyptian Spinach/Saluyot
12) Red Stem Malabar Spinach/Alugbati
13) Philippine Native Hot Chili Pepper/Sili
14) Philippine Eggplant
15) Butterfly Pea Vine
16) Philippine Cherry Tomato/Kamatis
17) "Abashi" Japanese Bitter Melon/Ampalaya

Seed trials for 2019 (updated 12/15/2019)
1) Long Bottle Gourd/Upo
2) Scarlet Runner "Achievement" Bean
3) "Lady Godiva" Naked Seed Pumpkin/Squash (Excellent success)
4) "Orange Glo" Watermelon
5) "Thai Extra Long" Sponge Gourd/Patola (Excellent success)
6) Oblong Winter Wax Melon/Kundol (Excellent success)
7) "Charentais" Melon (Cantaloupe Type)
8) Philippine Lady Finger Okra (Excellent success)
9) "Mammoth Greystripe" Sunflower
10) "Purple Moon" Hyacinth Bean/Lablab, Bataw, Parda Bean
11) Yardlong Bean Mix
12) "Day Neutral" Winged Bean/Sigarilyas
13) Bush Okra or Egyptian Spinach/Saluyot
14) Chinese Amaranth (Red Green)
15) Green Stem Malabar Spinach/Alugbati