Our Team

Seed Trials Exchange Program Growers/Gardeners
Sari Sari Gardens currently consists of 4+ seed trial growers in the San Jose, CA area. Many in this network are hobby gardeners who promote organic based urban gardening and help increase our seed bank stocks every year. Without their help Sari Sari Gardens would not exist. Thank you all for your support.


Carlo Francisco-Catimbang
Founder and Organizer

Originally from East Side San Jose, California, Carlo is a seasoned gardener inspired by his mother's garden as a teen. He has been gardening ever since. He organizes the Seed Trials Exchange Program though Sari Sari Gardens, maintains the heirloom vegetable seed bank, website and social media. He is an active volunteer member of La Mesa Verde, a program of the non-profit Sacred Heart Community Service. LMV focuses on helping low-income San Jose residents by providing gardening materials to grow their own organic food and grassroots leadership training based on Agroecology. As a fresh high school graduate Carlo worked in HIV/AIDs Education and outreach and as a volunteer mentor with the group Community Advocate Teens of Today, a youth organized harm-reduction and prevention health advocacy group. Carlo has also worked 7 years as a Registered Veterinary Technician prior to founding Sari Sari Gardens. Favorite hobbies include seed saving, gardening, painting, drawing and reading. He also has an elderly orange tabby cat named Orange (Nickname Mama Cat). Carlo hopes, with grassroots organizing, to improve access to rare and unique heirloom vegetables in the San Jose, CA area, specifically Filipino-Asian American vegetables.