Photo Gallery

Bitter Melon/Ampalaya
Yardlong Bean/Sitaw Seeds
Nanay with a nice harvest.
Philippine Lady Finger Okra Seeds

A bee feedling on a Moringa/Malunggay Flower
Swamp Spinach/Kangkong Flower
Hyacinth Bean Flowers/Lablab/Parda Bean/Bataw/

Hyacinth Bean Pods/Lablab/Parda Bean/Bataw
Bitter Melon Leaf/Ampalaya
Seedless Grape Bunch
Bitter Melon Flower/Ampalaya
Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans

A harvest of Yardlong Beans, Sayote Tops, Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes, Lemon Cuke Cucumbers and seeds.

Lemon Cuke Cucumbers
A colorful harvest.
Mature Lemon Cuke Cucumber

Dried Mung Bean Pods/Munggo
Mung Bean Seeds/Munggo

Painted Mountain Corn Seeds

Yardlong Bean Flower/Sitaw