About Us

Sari Sari Gardens was born out of the need for Filipino and other pan-Asian sources for vegetables, seedlings and seeds in the greater San Jose, CA area.

The name Sari Sari Gardens comes for the usage in the Philippines as a covineance store much like that of 7 Elevens here in the United States. Sari Sari means variety. These Sari Sari Stores are small family owned businesses that are located everywhere in the Philippines. Often you could buy a small or individual amount of an item (chips, soda, cooking oil, lighters/matches, cigarettes, phone cards, spices, ice etc) for a lot cheaper locally rather than taking a hired tricycle to the wet market.

In honor of the Sari Sari Store, we here at Sari Sari Gardens offers seedlings seasonally and seeds all year round.

Personal interaction with customers is important for us, and it's one of the reasons why we still do in person delivery. We serve the San Jose, CA area and surrounding cities.

The Sari Sari Gardens Seed Bank offers rare and hard to find Filipino and pan-Asian seeds for affordable prices and higher in quality. The bank runs as a co-op (cooperative operation) where backyard local growers, families, are the ones growing the seeds not mega corporations.

STEP (Seed Trials Exchange Program) supplies our seed stock year after year. Growers interested in our unique crops are taught to plant, raise, harvest produce and eventually save seeds. Then the grower is allowed to keep some seed for personal use next year and donates the bulk of seeds back to the bank to be tested, packed and sold to other customers. Supporting STEP encourages education in organic gardening and Filipino-American food culture.