Seed Trials Exchange Program (S.T.E.P.) 2019

It's natural for gardeners, especially for those who have had years of experience, to end up with a stash of seeds that they have saved from one place or another.

A unused portion of seeds you didn't plant one year. A gift of seeds from a friend or family member. A couple packets from your favorite seed catalogs because you've been itching to experiment with new vegetables this coming year.

In honor of heritage crops and foods Sari Sari Gardens encourages our customers to be bold, ground breaking and brave when it comes to improving food quality, access and security.

I'm proud to announce the "Seed Trials Exchange Program". S.T.E.P. is a program designed to help share heritage seeds to the households of San Jose, California and it's surrounding cities.

If you qualify for the program you will get an opportunity to try out unique varieties of Filipino/Pan Asian crops. We will teach you how to properly raise the plant and how to save seeds. At the end of the season you are allowed to retain enough seeds to plant for your family's usage for next year's planting season. The rest of the seeds are donated back into our seed bank to share with other gardeners.

If you are interested please contact me.
-Carlo from Sari Sari Gardens
Instagram at sari.sari.gardens
Phone Number at (669) 254-1225.


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